Meet the Steering Committee

By September 28, 2016News

A 40-member citizen steering committee has been established that will help guide the public process and the plan’s recommendations. Members were selected to reflect the city’s diverse backgrounds and interests in an open application process. Over 190 residents submitted applications! City staff is working closely with a planning consulting team to facilitate the steering committee’s work, convene public workshops, conduct technical work, and draft the plan.


Juergen Beck
Jeffrey Brown
George Brown
Crystal Brown
Myrna Burroughs
Stephanie Cates
John Chambless
Jay Clark
Alisha Collier
Claire Crane
Ruby De La Pena

DeLayne Dean
Toinyette Douglass
Melinda Dunn
Dan Durbin
Janis Hart
Juanita Healy*
Bruce Jones
John Joseph IV
Noel King
Jarvis Lane
Karissa Lang

Desiree Langford
Brittany Luchtefeld
Mike Maurer
Victoria McKenzie
Clint Murphy
Bill OBrien
Stratton Orr*
Angela Perkins
Kyle Pike
Susana Salcido
Melissa Scott

Keilee Terry
Ross Terry
Jelisa Thompson*
Betsy Weaver
Suzie Wiley
Clint Wortham


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