One Decatur is an effort to create a new city-wide plan for Decatur that reflects community values and aspirations. The process will identify critical needs, define a long-term vision and goals for a range of topics, and identify strategies to achieve the vision. The new plan will serve as a guide to making all of Decatur more prosperous in the future.

The Process

One Decatur will last through the winter of 2017.

Listening & Learning Workshops

A series of workshops aimed at gathering ideas and insight.

Summit on the Future

A large, citywide workshop conducted over three days that will test preliminary goals and recommendations for the plan.

Choices Open House

An open house held to unveil the draft plan and obtain feedback from the community to be incorporated before the plan is finalized and adopted.

Why should you participate?

We’re in this together!

One Decatur is a community-driven planning process that depends on widespread public input and support to be successful. All participants’ voices will be heard.

You are the expert!

No one knows the community like those of us who live or work here. We need your input to ensure that the plan addresses what’s important to you.

Planning is the first step to action.

Decatur has a legacy of planning and following through on those plans. The city is committed to putting One Decatur’s plan to action through specific projects, policies, and programs. Your input truly can shape the future of the community.

Who is involved?

Steering Committee.

Process and outreach.   A 40-member citizen steering committee will help guide the public process and the plan’s recommendations. Members were selected to reflect the city’s diverse backgrounds and interests in an open application process.  City staff is working closely with a planning consulting team to facilitate the steering committee’s work, convene public workshops, conduct technical work, and draft the plan.


Input and feedback.   Widespread public involvement is vital to One Decatur’s success. A number of in-person workshops and online tools will offer a variety of ways for the community to give input throughout the 24-month process. The first public events, the Listening and Learning Workshops, will take place on November 1-3, 2016.


Targeted input.   Various stakeholder groups will be convened to inform specific aspects of the Plan. These groups include business leaders, civic leagues, real estate professionals, and developers, education professionals, students, young professionals, and industry representatives among others.

City staff.

Coordination.   City staff will support and help to coordinate the work of all other groups and will also provide local knowledge and expertise to each element of the Plan.

Elected officials.

Adoption.   The final plan will be formally adopted by Planning Commission and City Council, who will have a central role in its implementation.


Process leadership, expertise.   Planning NEXT will facilitate the process and share experience from other successful communities in Alabama and nationwide. The consultant team brings together other national and local experts in community planning, economics, mobility planning, and implementation.