Attend a Listening and Learning Workshop (November 1-3)

By September 28, 2016News

Join others who care about the future of Decatur and share ideas through fun, interactive activities in a casual, small-group setting. On November 1-3 there are four opportunities to help shape the future of Decatur together. This is the first of three rounds of community input, which will become the foundation of One Decatur. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your ideas for the future of Decatur. Everyone is invited!

Listening and Learning Workshops

November 1-3, 2016


November 1 (Tue.)

Oak Park Middle School
1218 16th Ave SE

November 2 (Wed.)

Burningtree Country Club
2521 Burningtree Drive SE

November 3 (Thu.)

Brookhaven Middle School
1302 5th Av SW

November 3 (Thu.)

Cedar Ridge Middle School
2715 Danville Road SW

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  • LeAnne Aldrich says:

    Excited to see such a great website and can not wait to go to one of the sessions!!

  • Mike Rhodes says:

    This is so exciting. Decatur has suffered from poor long-term planning for years! We need visionary leadership. Thank you for doing this!

  • Phillip M. Chenault says:

    If we cannot attend a meeting in our neighborhood could we attend another one?

    • pnAdmin says:

      Yes. The meetings are not neighborhood-specific. You can attend any meeting that is convenient to you (time or location). Hope you can make it.

  • John says:

    Great Ideal, getting the community involved in the planning and future of their city. Great website as well. Looking forward to hearing all the ideals and comments that will be brought I hope. Is there anything special we should bring with us? Until then, Cheers

  • Very excited to be participating in this effort which I am sure will pay many dividends in the future.

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